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Manchester Community Choir
 has around 80 members and we perform regularly at events in and around this great city in venues as varied as Victoria Baths, St Peter’s Square,  Royal Northern College of Music and Chorlton Irish Club. 

We also travel further afield to the the Llangollen International Music Eisteddfod and to the annual Street Choirs Festival. In 2019 we orgainised the festival in Manchester with over 1000 singers from choirs across the country.

In 2023 we took part in the Chorlton Arts Festival, Llangollen International Music Eisteddfod and Streetchoirs Festival in Kendal in July 2023.

What our members say ....

“ I attended the MCC taster class 6 years ago and literally signed up there and then as it gave me everything I was looking for: the chance to sing with others and to meet new people. The fact that we, as a choir, make a beautiful sound courtesy of Rose, our incredible Musical director AND we get to travel all over the country for our Streetchoirs Festivals and gigs is just the icing on the cake.
In 2020, the restrictions of lockdowns and tiers should have made the choir crumble but the immense planning, thoughtfulness and determination of Rose and the committee to keep our community singing and sane via Zoom is just another reason why I love being part of it.” 
(Jenny, soprano)

"I was told at school I couldn’t sing and I believed them. I was inspired to join the Manchester Community Choir, having heard them perform on a number of occasions, and put my belief to the test. There wasn’t an audition, it wasn’t a requirement to read music and the choir were very friendly and supportive. I’ve now discovered that I can sing and that singing with the basses in the choir is enjoyable, fulfilling and fun.”
(Mike, bass)

“I joined the choir four years ago after reading some research on the mood boosting properties of communal singing as I sometimes suffer from depression. It certainly has worked for me and always lifts my spirits. I joined rather nervously but was put at ease with the warm welcome. Rose, our Musical Director, is not only very supportive but also knows her stuff. I have enjoyed singing in some wonderful venues as well as the Street Choirs Festival.”
(Susanna, soprano)

"I’ve been a member of Manchester Community Choir for 11 years – the time has flown, I can’t believe it’s that long! There have been 3 choir directors over that time and each has brought their own special skills and been a source of encouragement and inspiration.
Having done no singing since junior school I was nervous about joining a choir, but the members and directors have been so friendly and helpful that I have enjoyed it for all these years. No auditions or requirement to read music makes the choir accessible to all.
We work hard, including homework, but it is a joy to be part of a group performing at a wide variety of events and venues and it becomes addictive!
As singing brings health benefits it’s a good addiction to have."
(Hilda, alto)

“I joined the choir because I heard you sing and was recommended by a member. I love the sound we make and the songs we sing and it is great to be in a strong bass group. ”
(William, bass)

"I have been a member since 2010 having seen a short article about the choir in a local paper. An open access choir with a community focus, singing songs from around the world, sounded just what I was looking for and so I came along to my first rehearsal. I soon learned that singing in a choir was very different to singing alone in the car or the kitchen! It was difficult, at first, to be sure that I was singing the right notes, at the right time, but the practice tracks on the website helped enormously. Soon my car journeys to and from work were accompanied by practicing my part for the latest songs. So, over a decade later I find myself being able to listen to my fellow singers, confident in being able to learn and sing new harmonies and thoroughly enjoying being part of the choir community."
(Wendy, tenor)

“Singing is a great de-stresser. After a busy day at work, I sometimes feel too tired to go out singing. But it is always re-energising, and I feel glad I went.”

“Never got into a choir as I have asthma. I was anxious about joining but just walked in and loved it.”

“I joined in September.It is almost magical how a song can emerge in a short space of time from a few lines to a beautiful, rich harmony. It is very powerful to be one voice among many; to feel part of something creative and joyful”. 


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